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New Website + PPC Management

The NEW website can be in addition to your existing website.

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Instant Leads Plan


Same exact website content will show up on all devices…displaying it perfectly! No need for a separate mobile website.
We custom design your website to your branding specifications. We work with you closely to make sure your vision meets up with conversion optimization for maximum lead generation. Logo design is not included but can be added for a small fees.
We will provide Search Engine Optimized pages with unique content. We will work to include your branding and offers into the content.
Our Blog system can easily be used to create new posts. You will be responsible to create the blogposts. We will set it up for you.
You will get custom monthly reports on traffic and conversions from various sources. We will setup the account with Conversions as important Goals in Google Analytics.
The new domain registration and hosting is paid for by Rockin Technology LLC. Rockin Technology LLC will own the domain since we are investing into the large up-front costs for the website.
In our experience, 60-80% of all leads for lawyers are generated through a phone call. With phone call tracking, we are able to track a lead to its generating source, whether its a paid keyword, Organic search or any other traffic channel for the website. You will have access to recorded phone calls. Extra minutes can be bought at $10 for a 100 minutes block.
HTTPS = Secure website = more traffic from Google. Google has announced more ranking preference to website with SSL enabled for all pages. We highly recommend it and offer it as part of our package. Contact us for details on yearly costs for it.
We pay for 1 customer rep for live chat. It is $21 per month per user for additional customer reps. We will add Live Chat to your website. Our live chat system has answering through, desktop software OR through an Phone App. We track all live chat starts in Google Analytics.


Initial PPC

We setup your Campaigns, Adgroups, Keywords, Negative Keywords, site-links, Local Business data and many other PPC settings. All designed to get best possible conversions.
We make changes to ADs, Keywords and Landing pages lowering the cost per click (CPC). We use data from our prior experience for similar businesses.
We track into Adwords Form submission, Phone Call Tracking, Live Chat and other visitor actions so we can use them to improve PPC campaign.

PPC Maintenance

Phone Call Tracking maintenance, Negative keywords, Top performing keywords and more.
“Changes or bids automation based on our Analysis from Custom Google Analytics reports for geographical data, devices, day part, day of the week, audience behavior and other metrics.
Tweaks and addition to website content. Changes in ADs and PPC account structure based on keywords performance leads to lower pay per click saving you money.
Monthly Reports on Adwords amount spend and conversions


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