Collection Law Firm – PPC Case Study – 10-12% conversion rate

Higher Lead Conversions for Google Adwords Traffic

Date Range: October thru December 2014

Source: Google Adwords Paid Traffic Only

First-time Phone Call Conversion rate


Form Submission Conversion rate



Total Leads Conversion Rate for Paid Adwords Traffic

Further explanation of these findings:

  • Compared to the SEO conversion rate for EvannsCollectionLaw, the PPC conversion rate is much higher. We have much better control over our AD messaging and relevancy of  traffic coming in.
  • New Lead Conversion rate = First-time Phone Calls + Form submissions. Example: if 100 NEW people visited your website from Adwords ADs results, 12 of those NEW people took action. They either called or filled out a form on the website.

* Above results are for Los Angeles metro area.

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Google AD – a Competitive Analysis


Comparing our AD to its neighbors, we have

1 Clearly defining that the law firm only takes cases over “$10K”. This leads to a much higher lead conversion later on.

2 Trackable Phone Number, we would know people came from this Adwords even if they do not click the AD.

3 Make it location relevant by adding “Los Angeles” in the AD.

4 Highlight Important points, “$0 Upfront, free Consult w/ Lawyer”

5 We make sure “Site links” and “Office Address” are up to date and show up in Adwords.