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Help create content ideas (where applicable), provide monthly analytics reports, provide ongoing support, Answer your questions.
We do keyword research specific to your business name, business type, your top services and geographic area. We have tons of proven data from our experience with prior clients.
Sitemap submissions. Monthly Backlinks check for Negative SEO. Keep check on security on the website – malware etc. WordPress plugin upgrades.
In our experience, phone calls account for over 60% of lead generation/conversions on a website. We REQUIRE Phone Call Tracking for all Plans. It is inexpensive with us. Call for more information.


Initial PPC

We setup your Campaigns, Adgroups, Keywords, Negative Keywords, site-links, Local Business data and many other PPC settings. All designed to get best possible conversions.
We make changes to ADs, Keywords and Landing pages lowering the cost per click (CPC). We use data from our prior experience for similar businesses.
We track into Adwords Form submission, Phone Call Tracking, Live Chat and other visitor actions so we can use them to improve PPC campaign.

PPC Maintenance

Phone Call Tracking maintenance, Negative keywords, Top performing keywords and more.
Changes or bids automation based on our Analysis from Custom Google Analytics reports for geographical data, devices, day part, day of the week, audience behavior and other metrics.
Tweaks to website content, ADs and PPC account structure based on keywords performance leads to lower pay per click saving you money.
We keep an eye on the latest and greatest features and changes on Adwords and Bing. We roll out changes to your account as Google and Microsoft make those features available for use.
Monthly Reports on Adwords amount spend and conversions.


Initial SEO

We go through a 25 point SEO initial audit to make sure all proper rules for SEO are followed. We recommend changes based on those findings. If within scope, we implement those changes.
Initial Meta Tags, Blog posts and most Important Pages Content.
Initial check for negative SEO or links from Bad domains like general directories, forums etc. Bad Backlinks removal becomes a separate project on its own. It will need to be taken care of separately.
We do track rankings for keywords important to your business. Google Algorithms change often and with personalized search results, keyword rankings have become less important to mull over.

SEO Monthly

We will create and post on to the blog (every 20 days) with images per month. Posts will target specific keywords and will be SEO optimized. We may choose to post some of them on Outside websites.
Share two blog posts from your website into your social media channels – Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
Find more backlinks through competition backlink profile check and from our prior work with similar clients.
Get monthly reports for top 20-30 keyword rankings.


Initial Local Marketing

Create Business description and collect all other information about your business so we can have the SAME info on all local sites. It is important to have it uniform across all sites.
Create citations (business info sync) across 100s of sites serving local communities – Yellowpages, Citysearch & more. Phone map software – Mapquest, iPhone Maps, Android maps and more. Old and duplicate profiles cleanup is NOT included as it varies on the situation.
Design & setup/claim accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube & Pinterest.
We help you come up with a strategy to get positive reviews from your clients. We provide you with email templates and more.

Local Marketing Monthly

Monitor each month how many reviews you got on important sites like Yelp, Google+, Facebook & others.
We will create new citation as new sites get added to the Local Ecosystem.


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